About Acela CBD

We are sustainable hemp farmers, agricultural experts, biologists, chemists, and seasoned industry experts with a shared passion and respect for healing the body and mind through natural, organic products. Our hemp is grown and raised in the rich soil and sun of the Ohio Valley and tracked, monitored, and meticulously controlled by the hands of highly trained Acela farmers, all with a stake in our business, and the future of alternative medicine. In using cutting-edge equipment, innovative testing practices, and best-in-class extraction methods, we can source the best plant genetics that yields the highest quality, full-spectrum hemp oil products.


Unwavering Quality

We tirelessly experiment and research the most effective blends and delivery methods to produce a CBD line that is pure, versatile, and effective. Our organically grown, pharmaceutical-grade CBD is thoroughly tested from seed to shelf to ensure the highest-quality, full-spectrum formula.

Lab Verified Purity

We use advanced medical-grade testing equipment and leading labs to test each of our products for potency, contamination, pesticides, quality, and unique terpene profiles. Once verified, we ship each product out with a batch number so customers know what they are buying at any given time.

Innovative Formula

We work closely with a team of medical professionals to conduct intensive research and development on each of our formulations. With a proven extraction process and carefully selected ingredients, we continually deliver 100% natural non-GMO products without resorting to synthetic chemicals.

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